Suzie Kondi

Born: Brisbane, Australia

Mother: Gina

Father: Hamdi

Sisters: Elma & Anna

Prior to OOB: Ceramics Artist in Noosa, Australia.  Previously involved in retail sales and management at various clothing outlets along the Sunshine Coast

After meeting Bill at the Sunshine Beach Surf Lifesaving Club, both of their lives took major turns. Not only did their lives take a turn, but the OOB took a turn as well! Instead of stopping in Australia briefly as planned, the boat ended up taking a vacation of its own. Eight months later, OOB continues her voyage westward to complete the circumnavigation with Suzie! Surprise!  Bill just couldn’t leave her behind, so he invited her to sail back to the states with him and see the world. She said “yes.”


Her mother is Greek and her father is Albanian.  Suz has spent quite a bit of time in Greece and visited Albania briefly. Yes, she speaks Greek. No she doesn’t speak Albanian.  Suz also loves to sail and can’t wait to shop on Fifth Avenue.  What else could get her to sail half way around the world! Bill?  Nahh. Suz also wants to learn to ski as she has never seen snow before!

The trip from Oz to New York will include some sites she’s really looking forward to seeing. Highlights on her list include diving in Cocos Keeling, safari in Africa and seeing the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean.

She’ll be writing some updates for the site along the way and let you know how the trip progresses from her eyes!


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