Solomons Photos

B-24 Wreck on Guadalcanal Identified!


Alex in front of Bonegi Two, a sunken WWII Japanese freighter that we dove extensively


F4U Corsair WWII US fighter plane

f4u cockpit
f4u Stamp

F4U cockpit

Solomons Beach

View East towards Honiara, Guadalcanal


Japanese WWII artillery piece

Diving the Solomons
B17 Stamp
B17 Top Turret Guns

Dive guide, Jeff, and Alex diving on a sunken B-17 WWII US bomber

At left, the top turret from the B-17 in 70 feet of water

At right, Alex prepares to photgraph the cockpit. You can make out one of the engines in the background

B17 Cockpit

See what a B-17 looks like through the use of Quicktime VR.  An absolutely incredible site!

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