Silke Lasslop

SilkeI was born on the slopes of the Alps in the south of Germany on April Fools Day in 1970. Early in my life, under the influence of my parents and my two older brothers, I learned to love water (even if it was in the form of snow!). When I was 16, I took a scuba-diving course in Germany, after watching my Dad doing it for many years. At the same time, I started an apprenticeship as a doctors assistant, finished it after 3 years and continued to work for another 4 years for the same doctor. After becoming bored of bad weather and walls around me, I decided to head for Egypt to teach people to dive.

On the balmy shores of the beautiful Red Sea I fell in love with Alex (the other dude). From there, we came to Cape Town to settle for a while, get married and do tour-guiding around Southern Africa. From the start, our ultimate dream has been to venture to the Caribbean to explore the underwater world there. Hence, we’re thrilled that Bill is taking us! We wouldn’t have dreamt to be going in such luxury!


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