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Hi All,

After 5 1/2 days and just over 1000 miles we are finally here in the Seychelles! It's hard to believe we crossed an entire ocean in the last month and a half. We certainly didn't set any records but 4500 miles in 6 weeks is still a lot of sailing in a short period of time. It gives you a new found respect for the round-the-world racers who sail the same distance in under two thirds the time. Something tells me that we have a bit more fun!

Our arrival here was somewhat unusual in that we decided to make it at night. On very rare occasions will we enter a harbor or anchorage in the dark. The times we have done it I can count on one hand and have been primarily under extenuating circumstances, namely inclement weather. In any case, after careful consideration and a very bright full moon we made the decision to go for it.

As we expected, the channel was well marked and easily navigable in the dark. Upon our approach we hailed Victoria Harbour Control and after the formalities of identification they give us the coordinates of the outer anchorage. Without fanfare we found our spot and dropped the hook for the evening. It's a bit rolly, but we are required to stay here until the authorities clear us in the morning. Fine by us, despite the movement it feels like we are anchored in cement. Though it was 2:30 AM we toasted our arrival with a nip of Sambouca.

The next morning we woke to the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine people at our entryway. Friendly but quietly, they filled out the forms and stamped our passports. Then they left with a stern warning that the dog was not to be brought ashore. Sorry Lucy! It was a good thing he cleared us to go, because Bill and Suzie were about to explode if they couldn't get off the boat soon.

After hauling the anchor we motored to the inner boat basin and found a spot. It wasn't a perfect spot, but we made it work anyway. So what if it took 3 tries to sink the anchor, a rocky bottom is better than no bottom at all. Which actually brings me to an irrelevant but amusing thought. Before we started this trip back in 1996, on a number of occasions when I told someone that I was sailing around the world, I received a response that still makes me laugh to think about it. It was....... "When you're sailing, what do you do at night, I mean, where do you stop, where do you anchor?" The answer to our friends that haven’t sailed – you don’t stop!

Having sorted out the anchor situation, we proceed to clean up the deck, assemble the dinghy and head for the Yacht Club. Along with the three of us in the dinghy were 5 bags of very ripe garbage and 5 bags of dirty, salt laced clothes and sheets. After a few minutes research on what to do with all these bags, we set off on a quest. The three things most essential to our existence at that time were Rupees, food, and cold beer. In their respective order, I would like to thank Barclays, The Pirates Arms and SeyBrew.

After a brief wander about, we made our way back to the Yacht Club and then back to the boat where we all collapsed from exhaustion. The legs feel a little funny after not getting exercised for six days. I don't know how, but Bill and Suzie somehow found the energy to go out to dinner, while I vegged on the boat. At least I had Lucy for company!

As I am leaving for the States on Thursday for a friend’s wedding I will not be here for the majority of OOB’s stay in the Seychelles. Consequently, I will be handing off my reporting duties to Bill. Suzie and Bill are in the process of planning out the next two weeks, so you can expect to hear from them soon. I know he's got some good stuff up his sleeve, so stay tuned!

Thanks for hanging with us,
Alex for the crew of Out of Bounds,
Bill, Suzie and Lucy the dog

Port Victoria, Mahe
Republic of the Seychelles
Latitude 4 degrees 37.48 South
Longitude 55 degrees 27.61 East

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