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Nothing’s better than having friends and family down to visit! Not to mention all the great care packages that get sent along from home.

Some of these people have crewed with us and some have come to visit.
Either way, we’re happy they took the time to come see us.

Sergei Sikorsky

Sergei drives the dink in the Galapagos

Sergei began his career as a professional sailor in 1978, and since then has held positions of increasing responsibility. From 1982 to 1984, he skippered the overseas cruising Yacht "Ultramarine", which included selection and commissioning of the vessel, planning of the route, and management of the vessel during the world cruise. In 1986, he was a Project
Manager for a racing catamaran called the "Hudson Valley Spirit" for the Maritime Center in Kingston, New York. The boat had an enormously successful season and took the 1986 North American Multihull Racing Association series first place position.

If Sergei's face seems familiar, that's because after his success with racing, he entered into media. He began producing and directing documentaries related to sailing, including "Sailing in the Space Age", and in 1989, he equipped and coordinated camera boats for the Prosail TV shows for ESPN. He currently
resides in Newport, Rhode Island.

Ercklentz Family

Ercklentz Family

Alex Sr., Nick, Katharine, & Nina in Tahiti

Alex’s family has visited in Barbuda and Tahiti.  Thanks for the great meals out, Mr. E!

Bill Noble

The Bills

Jamie Noble

Bill Noble and Bill Van Wyck go back to elementary school.  Bill Noble is also the mutual friend that introduced Jeff to Bill and Alex.

Bill joined us from Antigua down to Martinique.  He also joined us (along with his brother, Jamie) in Fiji for 10 days.

James Noble

James Noble and Bill Van Wyck also have ties that go far back. Jamie and Bill worked together at Catalink Direct.

Jamie (along with brother Bill) joined us for 10 days in Fiji.

Scott Sabella

Scotty Boy

Scott and Bill lived next door to each other in Connecticut.  They have known each other for years.

Scott has visited us twice.  He was with us from Antigua to Grenada.  He also flew into Fiji and sailed with OOB down to the Solomon Islands.

We expect Scott to catch up with us a few more times on the trip.

Lewis White

Perrin White

Phil Russell

Phil and Lewis

Phil & Lewis on the way to Panama


Lewis White and his daughter Perrin along with Phil Russell joined us for the fast Aruba to Panama run.  We will always be indebited to them for their delivery of crucial supplies (licorice, coffee, and scotch).

Perrin & the boys after transiting the Panama Canal

Peter Van Wyck

Peter in Moorea

The name says it all. Bill’s brother flew down to meet us for two weeks in Tahiti and Moorea.  Talk about a fun time.  Aside from having his rented moped stolen on Moorea...

Chrissy McGilvray

How can I fully explain Chrissy....  Chrissy joined us for two months from Fiji to Australia. Chrissy’s excitement on exploring new places was legendary. So was her Boston accent...

We loved having Chrissy along with us and hope she can make it back and join us sometime during the remainder of the trip.

Sleepy time

During Fiji Regatta Week there was a crew wet t-shirt contest. So, of course, we roped Chrissy into representing Out of Bounds.

Susan Drwal

Oh my God, my parents will kill me if they see this...

We meet Susan for the first time in Panama.  She was on the 110 foot square rigger Alvei.  When we ran into her again in Tahiti, she was looking for another ride.  Seems she was chasing this French single-hander that she meet in Mexico.

Anyway, Susan joined us for around a month from Tahiti to Fiji where she jumped onto a boat named Sirius to chase her French guy to New Zealand. Susan was great to have along as crew and we hope she finally meets up with her sailor boy.

Steve Bates

Steve was a scuba instructor that joined OOB in Vanuatu for a couple of days to dive the Coolidge.

Steve had a great sense of humor and was very easy to get along with.  We still keep in touch via Email. Hi Steve.

Miranda Luck


Alex met Miranda shortly after arriving in Australia. He actually didn’t have far to go. She pulled into the slip right next to us at the Mooloolaba Yacht Club on BJ, a 46 foot Australian charter sailboat.

Miranda left Out of Bounds in the Hamilton Islands to be paid crew on a yacht sailing up to the Med.

Leathem Stearn

One of Bill Van Wyck’s Close friends and a world class Sailor. Leathem has visited OOB in the Galapagos Islands and also in Australia.  

Kristin Sandvik


We met Kristin one day as she was walking down the waterfront in Papeete, Tahiti.  We invited her on board to join us for happy hour.  She ended up staying with us for about a week.  She even baked us chocolate chip cookies from scratch.  Thanks, Kristin!

Kristin is back at sea in her own boat, Hio Avae, and left (April 1998) Cabo San Lucas with her friend Nathan.

We’ve been receiving reports of her position via a Ham radio operator named Ralph.  Check out the latest reports from Hio Avae.


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