Mark Vernon

Born: England, UK

Mother: Polly

Father: Barry

Sisters: Abi and Joey

Prior to OOB: President, VTC Inc.

Manufactured in 1964, I was dragged up in various places in England, Wales and Scotland, but spent most of the time growing up in the Mediterranean, spending 6 years in Cyprus and 3 in Malta. My father was in the Air Force, which explains the traveling.

Mark Vernon

At 16 I left school, and joined the British Army as an electronics techie, but I couldn't handle being told what to do, so I left just before they sent half the army off to the Falklands (I exaggerate slightly…there are a few more than that in the British Army)

At 18, I learned how to take care of myself in Glasgow, at 19 I went to London to seek my fortune, and after almost a whole year in one job (as a casino dealer, no less), my girlfriend at the time broke my heart and I sold all my worldly possessions and left with a rucksack to go hitchhiking…I ended up in South of France where I hopped on a French boat going to the Maldives, ran out of money when I got there and lived in Sri Lanka for a while.

So…after a few years of traveling and working around the world (you don't want to hear the details…), I started in business doing typesetting and graphic design, discovered the Macintosh, went on to start a computer dealer and training company, went bust, and then started again making computer software training CDs and online training, which is what I am doing now. The company is based in California (Silicon Valley) and in Wales, UK…the office over there is run by my mother, who is a whizzkid, and the company has been going for just over 2 years…not doing too badly either.

My short-term ambition is to sell the company, buy a catamaran and sail off…long term ambitions, when I'm old and crinkly, is to make robots, a la Asimov. (well, we all dream no?…)


 VTC Inc., home of VTC Training CDs, with over 40 individual titles available.  And why are our CDs better than the competition?...well, we offer a full training course on each CD, with up to 13 hours of training on one CD (not multiple CDs like other manufacturers...), and each CD has an experienced trainer that walks you through basics to advanced use of an application.

You will also find that we produce titles that you just can't find anywhere else, and at an unbeatable price for training...

We also like to innovate, with the introduction of the VTC Online University, where you can play our tutorial movies right over your Internet connection using QuickTime 3 Streaming Technology.

And we try to listen to customers...if you feel that a title should be developed or we could make our products better, please feel free to Email me and let me know your thoughts...

Mark Vernon, President, Virtual Training Company Inc.

Network and Intranet products

If you are a company that wants to use our products over a network, you might be interested in our Internet and Intranet offerings, where you can play  streaming movies from a browser using QuickTime 3. Great for helpdesk and training applications!

If you need to order or get more information please call us toll free on 1-888-TRAIN-CD, or if outside the USA, (408) 492 1051


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