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Hi everyone!

We did it! We successfully completed our circumnavigation of the world! When we entered Prickly Bay in Grenada last Monday afternoon, we technically “closed the circle”. It’s hard to believe that we left from the same spot only to return 776 days later.  What’s more amazing is that more than 30,000 miles of the world’s oceans have passed beneath the hull of Out of Bounds. 

While it’s true we’re all ecstatic about having sailed around the world, it’s certainly not over yet!  We still have about 2,000 miles left until we actually arrive at home. In the mean time we have a lot more to do and see in the Caribbean, the culmination of which is going to be racing OOB for Antigua Race Week. Anyone who’s familiar with race week knows that it’s a rather large event, which attracts boat from all over the world.  You can check it out at  We will be reporting the blow-by-blow and updating the sight from there, so watch out for OOB.

In the mean time, for all of those people who’ve been following our progress across the Atlantic, you’ll know that we had a few problems with some of the boat’s systems, but nothing that wasn’t insurmountable.  Experiencing equipment failures at sea is a challenge that tests one’s resourcefulness and ability to cope with difficult situations. And while it was a bit difficult at times, it did not compare to the disappointment of our computer failure last week in Barbados. It seems that the hard drive on my laptop had a disagreement with something (probably the salt air) and decided to cease booting up. Unfortunately, despite all our efforts at recovering the data, no amount of resuscitation could save it. 

The result of this catastrophic failure was that I lost some of my most recent writing and many hundreds of digital pictures from the Seychelles to the Caribbean. While I saved most of my writing to 3.5 in diskettes, a broken Zip drive was the reason for not backing up my most recent images. The ironic part of it all was that I was only a week away from backing all my images up. I was to fly home on the 20th for several weeks and had planned to do it there, but it was not to be. Oh well, life goes on.

As I just mentioned, I am now at home in chilly Connecticut where all seems the same as I left it 2 ½ years ago. I won’t go into that now, as I’ll have plenty of time to dwell on that when I get home for good.   As for the boat, at the moment Bill, Suzie and Jack are still in Prickly Bay and plan to start heading north over the weekend after Bill’s brother Peter leaves. They’ll be stopping at a number of islands on the way to Antigua, including the Grenadines, Tobago Cays, Mayreau, Bequia, St.Vincent, Guadeloupe and Martinique. They should be keeping in touch with email and pictures as they go so watch out as OOB inches her way home to complete her oddessy around the world.

As always, I want to thank all of those who have faithfully followed the trials and tribulations of Out of Bounds and her crew.  We also want to wish Alex and Silke well as they search for their final destination in the beautiful waters of the Caribbean. And as always, muchos thanks to our number one virtual buddy and master web designer, JJ – AKA, Jeff Johnson.

Alex (in Connecticut) for the crew of Out of Bounds (in Grenada),
Bill, Suzie, Jack and Lucy the pooch

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