Mar 97 Enews

Hi Everyone,

Jeff here from Out of Bounds. We're still in Aruba and our departure date for Panama is still set for the first part of March. We are waiting to be joined by two friends from CT that will be with us through the canal. When Lewis and Phil hop off, Sergei then rejoins us for the sail from San Cristobal, Panama down through the Society Islands (Tahiti).

We're going to be moving away from the dock sometime today or tomorrow and moving out to anchor a little North of here. There are some great wrecks to dive here and we'll just load up the dinghy and hop over the side. Winds and seas down here have been pretty weird for this time of year. For the last week or so, we have had constant 25+ knot winds across the deck, sometimes hitting 40 knots. We hear that it only gets worse as you get near the Colombian coast. We will probably head to latitude 14.5 or 15 North to stay clear of most of the conditions before we head towards Panama.

Anyway, later today or tomorrow, I will try and send out a picture that I took awhile back. We have to scan it in and then we'll try and send it.

I have taken the liberty of subscribing some of you to this list from down here in Aruba. Rest assured, this list will never be used for advertising of any kind. The purpose of this list is to keep you informed of our progress while we wait to update our website. We will also use it from time to time to send quick e-mail updates in real time. It takes awhile to update the site, so with this E-Newsletter, we can get you info a little quicker. If for any reason you do not want to stay part of this mailing list, simply send an e-mail to
xxx and where you type the body of your text, type:
unsubscribe outofbounds

so for us to unsubscribe it would look like:
unsubscribe outofbounds

If anyone has any trouble, please e-mail me and I will personally take care of it.

The whole crew would like to thank all those who have taken the time to send us their comments, opinions, well wishes, and suggestions. We really do like getting the e-mail and will try to answer each one as we receive it. On the average, we are receiving about 100 emails week. We have also heard from our friends who watch over our site. Around 75,000 or so have visited our web site at over the last 3 months or so.

Many of you have asked when we will update the site. We hope that in the next few weeks we will be able to have the page updated with everything that has happened since we left Bermuda. Unfortunately, the communications schedule and equipment we had envisioned using is not up to the rigors of the sea.

Once again, thanks for following us on our voyage. We look forward to sending back some incredible pictures and hopefully, some insights on what we see and feel.

Bill, Alex, & Jeff
S/V Out of Bounds
Oranjestad, Aruba
Latitude 12d 31.00 North
Longitude 70d 02.30 West

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