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Those crazy Finns! Check out where OOB was crafted. See why Swan is considered the best production yacht in the world. At least we think so...


A collection of personal accounts about sail and motorboat cruisers. The stories include a wealth of information on destinations, equipment, remarkable situations and general foolery for anyone interested in travelling in their own yacht.


Frank, Nastasja, and Nina have begun their own circumnavigation aboard Amberella from Turkey. Reminds us of when we first left.  Frank has double the work on his site, he posts in both English and German!

The Floatplan

Great site with lots of useful stuff.  You can also hook up with a boat looking for crew. Cool interactive music!

Latitude 38 Sailing Mag

Sailing magazine with plenty of articles.  Check out the latest in West Coast sailing.  Lots of links to explore also...

A geek, a digital camera, and a laptop go around the world...

John Berns is backpacking around the world. Excellent stories, but hasn’t been updated since May 1998.

MAX @ School

A four year solo kayaking journey from Vancouver, Canada to Saint John, Canada via Nicaragua, in Central America.

Great Travel Links!

Dan Phillips’ virtual travel page. Follow other travelers on land, sea, and air. Lots of stories and places to visit.

Mark’s Links

Mark Rosenstein’s HUGE sailing link index. Just tons of great stuff.    Check it out, it’s the best on the web!

Mike Wojnar and Jim Archibald help keep Out of Bounds going. Thanks for the help with the alternator! If you’re from the East Coast, stop by their site and check out their work.


You can experience a bit of sailing in some beautiful settings.  Get more info on how you can charter your own sailboat anywhere in the world at Boatz n’ Yachtz.

A Nautical Store... for people who love the sea. A lot of nautical goodies available over the web. Also, a really good midi on the site from the musical master, Jimmy.

Travel Notes

Want to find out as much as possible about a destination before you travel? Try Travel Notes.

LiveAboard Magazine

If you’re thinking of chucking it all and sailing away, check this site for the scoop on what to expect from living aboard.     

Boat Owners

Thousands of links to every water related recreational activity. You’ll find information on boating, sailing, scuba diving, builders, parts, charters, safety, maintenance, classic boats, magazines, docks & lifts, marinas, sailboarding, regions and so much more.

Texas Mariners Cruising Assoc

The Texas Mariners Cruising Association. A bunch of friendly folk in the Lone Star State that seem to mix the sailing and revelry in the right way...


Ready for a helping of advice and stories about motor yachting?  Check out AdventureGrrl and her trusty Captain as they prepare their yacht for cruising.


The most widely read and recognized cruising couple, stop by the Dashew’s site for some handy advice. They also have an excellent new cruising book available.

Cruiser Log

Cruising Yachts Around the World
A 'ONE-STOP' RESOURCE FOR CRUISING SAILORS and those who dream of the deep blue yonder. "May their winds always be from behind"

Hawaii Aloha Tours

Hawaii Aloha Tours is run by Brent Weyer, a sailor planning to take a circle around the globe. If you are looking for a fine vacation, give him a call...


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