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Hi All!

Well the time has come again for us to drop the dock lines and make passage for another destination.   This one will consist of three legs totaling more than 5500 miles, the culmination of which is landfall in Grenada and the completion of our circumnavigation!  Though the thought of completing the "circle" may have us all thrilled, we are still six weeks and several thousand miles away.  We still have to sail across an entire ocean before we can crack the bottle of champagne and say that we did it.  Having said that, here is what we are looking at for this leg of the trip. 

The first part is from Cape Town to the island of St. Helena and should take about 10 days to cover the 1700 miles. The first few days we should have variable winds until the steady SE trades set in just north of 25° south. We should also have a bit of help thanks to the Benguela Current which has a northerly set. After a brief stop in St. Helena of about 5 days to rest and look around, we will pull the anchor and make way for Brazil almost 2000 miles distant.  This stop is quite common along this route and will take us to the islands of Fernando de Noronha just off the mainland. Following a stop of about the same time we will put to sea and finish our quest to circumnavigate the world.  The final leg to Grenada is 1900 miles and should take us approximately 12 day to sail. To say that we are excited would be an understatement!

In the mean time, we have been unbelievably busy with lists of stuff to get the boat ready for this passage.   We posted a list of to do's on the web site, and as usual it only turned out to be a partial list. There always seems to be more to do than we expect. When that happens you just have to prioritize and leave the little stuff for later. There's always another project to be started and if we tried to get to everything, we'd never get out of here.

One of those priorities is the provisioning. Except for the initial provisioning in Newport before we left, this is the longest stretch that we have prepared for. Everything is so cheap here we have tried to load up for the entire six weeks, minus of course all the fresh veggies and perishables goods. The burden used to fall on my shoulders to get all the food, however Suzie has gladly taken over the task, along with becoming the galley master. Although my duties have changed a bit, I am happy to say that I do still get to cook a meal now and then.

As most of you may or may not know, Mick and Sally have decided to return to Australia. We are sad they are not joining us for the rest of the trip, but we understand that for business and personal reasons they cannot. On a happier note, we have found an additional two crew to do the Atlantic passage with us to Grenada. Their names are Silke and Alex.  They will be a great addition to the crew and have already contributed an invaluable amount of time and effort to getting the boat ready to go.  To find out just who these two are, you will have to see the web site.

Though we are all ready to depart Cape Town and South Africa, there is always a feeling of melancholy leaving a place that you have enjoyed and become accustomed to. South Africa is a beautiful country with a lot to offer and although it's future is uncertain in many people's eyes, I am sure that it will prevail in the end. 

As always, we would like to thank everyone for following along with us and we hope that you will look to our web site to find out the latest on OOB. During our passage across the Atlantic will be posting daily updates for those who are interested in what's happening at sea.

Alex for the crew of Out of Bounds,
Bill, Suzie, Alex K., Silke and Lucy the dog

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