This list gives a good indication of some of the equipment we have onboard. It is by no means an exhaustive list. I canít tell you how little space was left when we first left the dock in Newport. We ended up sending a bunch of stuff back from Tahiti and then again from Australia via the proverbial slow boat (a big old freighter...)

Musto, Foul Weather Ocean HPX Jacket (4)
Musto, Foul Weather Ocean HPX Pants (4)

Raytheon, Raster Scan R20XX 24NM Radar Unit
Icom, Model 04059 VHF International Marine Transceiver
Icom, Model IC-M710-2 MF/HF SSB Marine Transceiver
Magellan, Nav 5000 DLX Handheld GPS
ITT, G3 Nightvision Monocular
Compaq, 133 MHz Armada 4130T Laptop Computer (2)
Nikon, Super Coolscan LS-1000
Megahertz, XJ4288 PCMCIA Fax Modem (2)
Hewlett Packard, DeskJet 340 Printer

Cruising Guide Publications, Virgin Islands Cruising Guide
Department of Defense, Nautical Chart Symbols
International Marine, The Marlinespike Sailor
Jim and Cathy Church, The Nikonos Handbook
Naval Institute Press, How to Survive on Land and Sea
Norton Publications, Celestial Navigation
The Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving
Para Anchors International, Drag Device Database
RCC Pilotage Foundation, The Atlantic Crossing Guide
Sailors Guide, Sailors Guide to the Windward Islands
Sheridan House, Cruising Guide to the Caribbean
Westcott Cove Publishing, Pacific Wanderer
World Health Organization, International Medical Guide for Ships

Cassens & Plath, Horizon Ultra Precision Sextant
Defense Mapping Agency, Pilot Charts- North Atlantic Ocean
Defense Mapping Agency, Pilot Charts- South Pacific Ocean
Defense Mapping Agency, Sight Reduction Table Pub. 249 Volume 1
Defense Mapping Agency, Sight Reduction Table Pub. 249 Volume 2
Defense Mapping Agency, Sight Reduction Table Pub. 249 Volume 3
KVH, Digital Compass-Rangefinder

Minolta, Maxxum 9XI 35mm Camera
Minolta, Maxxum 3500XI Flash
Minolta, Zoom XI AF 100-300 Lens
Minolta, Zoom XI AF 28-105 Lens
Minolta, Zoom XI AF 28-80 Lens
Nikon, Nikonos RS AF Camera Body
Nikon, Nikonos Nikkor 50mm Lens
Nikon, N-50 35mm Camera
Nikon, Zoom Nikor AF 28-85 Lens
Nikon, Nikonos-V
Nikon, Nikonos Quickcharger SH-104
Nikon, Nikonos SB103
Nikon, Nikonos SN-104 NICAD Battery
Nikon, Nikonos Speedlight 104 Flash
Polaroid, Specra SE600 Camera
Aldo stowing some tools and supp;ies

Safety Equipment
ACR, Satellite 406 EPIRB- 406 MHz
Amway, Dry Fire Extinguisher
Bausch & Lomb, Small Binoculars- 8X24
DAN, Emergency Oxygen Unit
Fuji, Fujinon High Resolution Binoculars
Guest, 24 Volt Halogen Deck Lantern
Kent Sporting Goods, Type 2 life jackets (5)
Kidde, ABC Class Fire Extinguisher (2)
Kidde, BC Class Fire Extinguisher
Litton, Model 953 Micro Class B EPIRB
Pains-Wessex, Galerider Storm Survival System
Pains-Wessex, Lifesmoke MK III Flares
Pains-Wessex, Red MK-6 Hand Flares
Pains-Wessex, White Collision Warning Flares
Para Tech, 18' Sea Anchor
Para Tech, Galerider Storm Survival System
Pur, Survivor 06 Handheld Watermaker
SafeGard Corp., OffShore Life Jackets Type 1 (10)
West Marine, Safety Harness (6)
West Marine, Safety Tethers (6)
West Marine, The Commodore First Aid Kit
Abandon Ship Life Bag
Emergency Fishing Tackle
Emergency Rations
Emergency Strap (2)
Flashlight (2)
Guide to life raft survival
Wood Plugs- Through Hull

Scuba Equipment
Bauer, U10-D Diesel Air Compressor
Dacor, Chameleon BCD (3)
Dacor, First and Second Stage Regulator (3)
Dacor, Nautica BCD
Dacor, Omni Dive computers (2)
Dacor, Quantum Loop Dive Computer
JBL, Mini Carbine Speargun
Spora Sub, Large Spear Gun
3mm Wetsuits (3)
Pelican, Pro-5000 light (3)
Sherwood, 80lb Scuba Tank (6)
Sherwood, Classic II Regulator (2)
Sherwood, Octopus
Submersible Systems, Spare Air (3)
Wenoka, Dive Knives (3)

Supplies- Boat
Lewmar, Double Handed Winch Handles (4)
Lewmar, Single Handed Winch Handles (4)
Lewmar, Lg. Snatch Blocks (2)
Nautor, Lg. Size Dead Eye Blocks (4)
Nautor, Med. Size Dead Eye Blocks (4)
Nautor, Sm. Snatch Blocks
Zodiac, Zodiac Repair Kit

Supplies- Lines
100' 1/4" Steel Cable
100' 3/4" Spare line
100' 3/8" Line
100' 3/8"" Spinnaker Sheets (3)
100' 5/8" line (4)
100' 5/8" Staysail Sheets (2)
20' 5/8" Cunningham Line
35' 3/4" Bridal
40' 3/4" Braid Dock Line
40' 3/4" Braid Dock Line
45' 1/2" Flat Jack Lines (2)
600' 3/4" Rode / Sea Anchor
75' 3/4" Jib Sheet (2)
Messenger Line- Roll (100')

Bauer, Compressor Oil- 1/2 Quart (3)
Bauer, Utilis 10 Air Filter Element (6)
Regulator Mouth Piece (2)
Regulator Diaphragm-Dacor
Regulator Diaphragm-Sherwood
Tank O Ring-Large (5)
Tank O Ring-Small (5)

Black and Decker, Jig Saw 7548
Craftsman, 15 pc. Drill Bit Set
Craftsman, 29 pc. Drill Bit Set
Craftsman, 5 in Bench Grinder 319.19061
Craftsman, Rotary Tool 572.6102301
Craftsman, Soldering Gun 113.540450Just a few of the tools on board
Huskie, Large Hydraulic Rigging Cutter
Mac, 7 piece Hole Saw Kit 205209
Makita, 3/8" Electric Drill 6404
Makita, Batter Charger DC 9100
Micronta, Analog Meter 22-212B
Micronta, Digital Meter 22-186A
Wagner, Power Stripper Heat Gun 0283016

Buck, M-9 Army Bayonet
Spyderco, Aus 8 Stainless Steel Knife
Spyderco, GIN 1 Stainless Steel Knife
Spyderco, Mini Stainless Steel Knife
Spyderco, Sharpening Kit


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