Designing OOB

A lot of people that visit our site have asked how we put everything together.  Hereís a quick look at the process.

NetObjects Fusion 4.0

This is the web design software I use to layout and design the OOB site. Iíve just updated to version 4.0 from 3.0 and most of the past problems seem to be corrected. A very simple program with a bunch more functionality then Microsoftís FrontPage. But, itís a bit pricey at around $300...

Adobe Photoshop 5

I was using Paintshop Pro 5 but my free trial ran out. So, I popped the bucks for a copy of Photoshop 5. Still trying to figure it out. So many little tools and effects to get used to.

RealAudio Publisher 5

Downloaded the whole program off the RealAudio site and then set about adding the files. Incredibly easy to use.

Netscape Communicator 4.5

My browser of choice and what I use to preview how the site will post to the Internet.  I also have Microsoftís Internet Explorer 4.0 as a backup.

How itís Done

I first started playing around with NetObjects when I knew I wasnít going back to join Bill & Alex in Australia. After about 2 weeks in March 1998, I posted a test site with about 35 pages.  People really liked the look so I started spending a lot of my free time playing with the software. Now the site is up to 182 pages and growing!

I design and edit everything here in New York. The crew on the boat sends me E-mail using the PinOak SSB system (spotty at best) or connect when they reach a place that has an Internet provider. I cut and paste most of what they send for the updates. If the update is in the form of a phone call, Iíll write up the high points and post. For the RealAudio, Bill, Alex, or Suzie will call in and leave a message on my answering machine. I take the phone conversation off my answering machine and then record it to RealAudio. Graphics are a little trickier because of the large file sizes. Mostly, I now wait for a packet via snail mail.  The whole update process now takes me about one to two hours a night.  Now you know why I skip a day now and again. Hey, I have to have a little fun!

Out of Bounds eFuse ArticleI also wrote an article for (April 1999) on how the Out of Bounds site came into being.  Check it out at

If anyone has any questions, just send me an E-mail and Iíll tell you whatever you want to know (related to the site, of course...) Oh, by the way, if youíre wondering why you see the ďwill update soonĒ in the journal sections, blame it on the hard drive on the laptop going kaput. Canít tell you how much material we lost when it went down in the fall of 1997.  As of March 1999, I still havenít gotten around to rewriting, but one of these days...

Thanks for taking the time to visit our web site!

Jeff Johnson


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