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A bunch of clips from our first ocean passage from Newport to Bermuda in 1996

Lumpy ride on the way to Bermuda
Sergei's take after the first night
Alex and Bill get doused!
Bill catching 40 winks after a watch
Arriving in Bermuda
Jeff on Bill's neat habits
Alex explains how Bill popped the sailing idea to him

Rough Seas: 642 K
Rough seas on the way to Bermuda.  This is the morning after we had 65 plus knot winds.

Sergei Video Journal: 962 K
Sergeiís Newport to Bermuda video journal. He would do a quick taping on his morning watch to recount the prior dayís events.

Green Water Shower: 563 K
Bill & Alex get doused!  Right after we left Newport, Bill is giving Alex some driving tips. Whatís that you say, Bill?

Sleepy Head: 935 K
Bill can fall asleep anywhere. This clip shows him nodding off after his watch.

Arriving in Bermuda: 701 K
Bill lets his feelings be known after we arrived in Bermuda 96 hours after leaving Newport.

Leaving Aboard:  540 K
Jeff explains what he thinks living on board will be like with Bill.

Wanna Sail Around the World?:  563 K
Alex explains how Bill asked him to sail around the world.


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