Guadalcanal B-24

B-24 #42-40646

13th Air Force
 307th Bomb Group
424th Bomb Squadron
Crashed 7/10/43 on Guadalcanal, by Cape Esperance

B-24 Fuselage

The fuselage is on a step grade, almost vertical.  Many parts have been scattered over a great distance.  A supercharger was found roughly 2000 meters away while hiking up the steep ridgeline.


Windows AVI Video:
3 Mb Video of “Alley Cat” on the side of the ridge.  It’s titled as “B-17 240640” as that is what I originally thought this wreck was.

Betty the Jap Basher:
1.8 Mb video of a ditched B-17 off the coast of Guadalcanal. From Michael Claringbould in Australia, here’s the details:
“Bessie the Jap Basher, 42nd BS, 11th BG, this ship was B-17E #41-2440 ditched by 1/Lt Charles E. Norton on 24 Sep 42 behind Jap lines. Crew was captured and executed. Yanks tried to salvage aircraft in 1944, but just cut tail off. I have reams on this ship. Norton ran out of gas. The executions constituted war crimes"

Propeller was found about 50 meters from the fuselage.  Not sure what the other part is I am standing next to.


Rudder showing the serial number “240646”. The first digit, a “4” (representing the year the B-24 was ordered as “1942”) has been dropped.  The serial number is therefore 42-40646

Jeff and Selwyn

Another view of the rudder and other wreckage

Bomb Bay Door? Part of a Wing?

Anyone with additional info on this B-24, please send me an e-mail.  I would like to write up a full history and post it here on this page. I can be reached at:

Thanks to the following people that have provided information on “Alley Cat”:
Michael Claringbould, Wally Forman, Lloyd Sunderland, and Stephen Riordan.

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The Internet B-24 Veterans Group
The B-24 Liberator was produced in greater quantities and flown in more theaters of war by the air forces of more countries than any other four engine bomber in World War II. 19,256 planes (in several versions) were produced by Consolidated Vultee, Ford Motor Company, Douglas Aircraft and North American Aircraft between the years of 1939 and 1945. Today there are only two flight-worthy B-24's in existence, and it's history and role in WW II is only dimly recalled except by those who flew in them...

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