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Chasing Oisin, a 50 foot Frers design

Olympic Course Race, Day Two:
We had these guys...  We blew it coming around the last mark with a poor spinnaker takedown.

First Race, Day One:
Downwind after the second mark. The boat in front is La Reverende, a 68’ Swan.  We beat her on corrected time in this race.

La Reverende

Heading In After the Race, Day Two:
Elma, Suzie, and Leathem take a breather on the way into Dickensons’ Bay.

Elma, Suzie, and Leathem
Mariposa Sinking

Mariposa on Fire and Sinking, Day Three:
Heading into the next to last mark, we saw smoke filling the air. Mariposa, a 52’ Sunfast had caught on fire and was abandoned. No one was hurt but the boat went to the bottom.

Out of Bounds Racing Crew

Out of Bounds Racing Crew, Day Three:
From the left: Bill on winch, Leathem at the helm, Suzie in the blue cap, Berke looking skyward, Chris in the white brimmed hat, Marc in the foreground, Mick in the red baseball cap in the background, Elma in the dark blue brimmed hat, Alex in shades at the right, Jeff taking the picture...


Racing Cruising Fleet Champions, Vellamo, Swan 48’:
Tish at left, Jim holding the trophy, Mark in back, and Brenda at right. We had the good fortune to be moored right in front of these guys. We exchanged on board happy hours during the week. As a matter of fact, the first day, Jim came alongside and introduced himself. He’d been following along with the web site and recognized Out of Bounds...


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