Arlene's Email

   Subject: Short Note
       Date: Thu, 30 Apr 1998 21:56:48 -0700
       From: Arlene Harmon
I live in Robert's Creek (unincorporated) which is a ferry ride (40 minutes) from Horseshoe Bay, not far from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. In other words, out in the forest!

Since we have been receiving email from you guys, I have kept it all in a scrap book. Printed up everything. Then I take it to work (nursing home) and the activity aide reads it all to the residents and then they have a discussion about where you are and what you are doing. They all think this is fabulous and exciting.

We have 38 residents and I am a cook there. Been there for 17 years now. Remember when the "Matthew" came over from England, well I printed up all that stuff also. Gives the old folks something to think about for a change. Our oldest resident is 96 years old. He used to be a furrier years ago in Vancouver.

It has gotten to the point now where some of my golfing ladies and other friends are asking how the "boys" or the
"guys" are. They will say things like "Have you heard from the boys?" I guess this started when there was a long space in between posts when you were leaving Fiji and I didn't hear anything for awhile. I was starting to get worried, truly I was.

We'll be waiting for the rest of your mail. Thanks for giving so many people a great chance to read something worthwhile. Good luck!!!!!

Till the next time......... Arlene and Dave.


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