Apr 98 Updates

April 6, 1998

Welcome to the totally revamped Out of Bounds web site!  After six months without an update, we figured you’d want to know what’s going on.  The boat is in Australia, Jeff returned to NYC, and the trip continues.  Look forward to plenty of great stories to come. 

Now that Jeff is personally designing the site, we promise to keep everyone in the loop!

April 13, 1998

Bill and Alex are with the boat in Australia waiting for the weather window to cross the Indian Ocean.  They’ve been keeping busy on two motorcycles and touring the Outback. Scheduled departure is May 9, 1998.  Nick, Alex’s brother, will join OOB from Australia to Christmas Island.

Jeff returned to New York City and is now working at a Swiss investment bank.  He’s been busy teaching himself web design so he can keep everyone up to date on OOB’s travels.

April 28, 1998

Out of Bounds is Out of Water. Bill and Alex are preparing her for the Indian Ocean run. The underside is getting a new coat of anti-fouling. Bill also reports a new crew member...a dog!

OOB Out of Water

New photos added for the Fiji and Solomon Islands.  More photos added to the Underwater section. Martinique through to Panama Journals and Photos updated. Quicktime video added. Guestbook added.

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