Alex Krenz

I was born in Cape Town on the 8th July 1972.  After schooling conscription sent me to the Navy.  I finally broke away from isolation in Southern Africa.

I did an apprenticeship in import/export in Germany. The shock of the European weather sent me back to South Africa after the apprenticeship period.  I got involved with computer software sales and lived in Johannesburg for some time. I returned to Cape Town and worked in the local branch there.

Finally my destiny was calling.  I left South Africa for the crystal waters of the AlexRed Sea. I based myself in Sharm el Scheikh and qualified as a scuba instructor. This is where I met my wife, Silke.

We moved to South Africa again to continue in tourism. We are now on the final leg of our dream.  It is so close I can smell it.  The sweet tropical warm crystal waters of the Caribbean. The ultimate haven for us. Plus we are arriving in style, on a Swan 46, yah!!!!

My mother and father live in Cape Town.  I have two sisters living the corporate life in Johannesburg, and a older brother who has a large computer company also in Johannesburg.

Silke and Alex in South Africa

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